Answers to Questions About Towing

How much does it cost for a tow?

Towing fees for boaters without a towing membership range up to $250 per hour. The clock starts when the towboat leaves the dock.

What is a membership?

Members receive free towing and other services within the coverage area, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What area is covered by a membership?

The three different River’s Edge Towing membership plans we offer will cover you locally (between Louisville, KY and Carrollton, KY) on the Ohio River waters only.  You can review our available plans here.

What is the difference between towing and salvage?

Salvage is the recovery of a sinking, sunk, or hard aground vessel. Salvage costs are considerably higher than towing and are normally covered under your boat’s insurance policy. Salvage is not covered by your towing membership.

What is the Coast Guard policy on towing?

In most situations the Coast Guard will ask the operator of a disabled vessel if there is towing company or friend they can call. The Coast Guard will only respond if there is imminent threat to life or property, but they will not tow.

What should I do if my boat breaks down?

Put on your life jacket and anchor your vessel. Try to determine your exact location, then call River’s Edge Towing on channel 16-68 or by calling 502-396-5491.

Why should I call River’s Edge Towing?

Our towboat captain is licensed by the coast guard for towing and have many years of towing experience. Our vessel is specifically designed and equipped for towing. We are insured for towing operations, and have received accreditation for meeting the highest industry standards.